Classical Guitar Recordings

June 29th, 2013

After owning my finger-style guitar for nearly 3 years I finally sat down and recording some material with it. I rerecorded an old finger-style favorite that previously had only been recording on an electric guitar. I also recorded two “new” songs, meaning they’re new recordings but one song was written nearly 7 years ago.

Classical in Dm with cello is a piece of guitar that I’m pretty proud of. It changes time signatures a lot, has some good hand stretches, and has some pretty intricate finger patterns. I decided to accompany this one with cello and percussion.

Classical in Cm is one of 3 or 4 songs I have in this style and in this key. It’s a great key for classical guitar, so it’s bound to happen again.

Luna is something that’s already been uploaded to this site, but it was a pretty shoddy recording on an electric guitar. This take is much, much better.