Kent Heberling is a composer and performer of acoustic and electronic contemporary, classical, and pop music living in Milwaukee, WI. Beginning with cello in 4th grade orchestra, Kent eventually learned piano, guitar, bass, and drums, wrote music spanning many genres, and delved into recording and engineering.

Kent’s work draws harmonic influences from the 20th century greats, particularly Debussy and Stravinsky. Driving rhythms and changing time signatures, influenced by Kent’s background in percussion, also mark his compositional style. His contemporary/classical work includes¬†solo piano pieces, electro-acoustic renderings, string quartet originals and arrangements, electronic and orchestral soundtracks, string orchestra serenades, chamber pieces, and other small ensembles. His pop work includes performing cello, bass, drums, and guitars, in various bands, including Effigy, A Life Elided, {ELSE},¬†Of the North, and Whiskey Doubles, and guest appearances with Pay the Devil,¬†The Autumn View, and Every Day Use. As an audio engineer, he has recorded Milwaukee’s chapter of Sofar Sounds, albums for Pay the Devil, {ELSE}, and Whiskey Doubles, and exclusive performances for Those Who Dig.

A 2008 graduate from The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Music Composition & Technology and a minor in German, Kent is now active as lead guitarist, songwriter, and manager of {ELSE}, plays cello, percussion, mandolin, and sings in Whiskey Doubles, and records audio for The Dig Sessions.