Wind Quintet

April 15th, 2007

I wrote this wind quintet during the Spring 2007 semester. I decided to further explore a phrygian cluster (C, D-flat, E-flat, F) idea which I first used in a string serenade. The cluster expands outwards while maintaining the inner two pitches to B, D-flat, E-Flat, F-sharp. This harmonic movement is really the basis for the entire piece, though it is transposed and reinvented several times. This harmonic motive also influenced the overall form and concept of the piece. Beginning with all the instruments on or very near to middle C, the range of pitches increases gradually to the climax, where the range is spread as much as possible with the instruments in the ensemble. The process then reverses itself as the piece winds towards the end. The recording on the CD comes from a student composer’s concert where the piece was performed by an ad hoc ensemble of classmates.


  • Flute, Ellie Jerow
  • Clarinet, Ryan Ashley
  • Oboe, Timothy Treffinger
  • Bassoon, Anthony Sexton
  • French Horn, Laura Ann