Wedding Season

September 27th, 2015

… is over. This year, Ellie and I attended and performed in three weddings. Each wedding had a different ensemble and type of music, and for each, we had to arrange the music. It was fun and I know it’s a greatly appreciated contribution, but it did sideline much other composing, arranging, and practicing.

For the first, we did traditional music that I arranged from a wedding cello songbook. This was actually the biggest challenge of all three weddings, as much of the arrangements relied on piano accompaniment, and the flute ended up being tough to fit in. Everything worked out after several disastrous attempts, but let’s hope we don’t have to do that again.

For the second, probably easiest, wedding, we just performed Rise Against’s “Swing Life Away” on vocals, banjolele, and cello. Ellie did the arranging on this one, so I just had to learn the part. Easy enough!

And finally, I arranged fourĀ songs for banjo, cello, and flute and one song for guitar, vocals, and cello for the last wedding of the season. I spent a lot of time on the arrangements, which was foolish in the end as the ceremony went by quickly and we didn’t even get to the bridge of most of the arrangements. These were the most rewarding tunes to work on though, and we took a quick video of two of the tunes during practice.

Oh, and due to the aggressive playing, I broke my C string for the third time in the last year or so. This is getting expensive.