Else Needs Vocals and Drums

December 6th, 2012

So, I’ve been working on writing and recording for Else for the last year or so, originally intending to play bass. After about a 6 month hunt for a drummer, I resigned myself to sitting behind the kit as I could actually handle the changing meters and aggressive beats featured in our music and we brought in Jon Miller to play bass. I then took another turn and decided I’d play 2nd guitar and work on providing most of the FX for the band through my POD X3 Live. We’ve been playing in that configuration for a few rehearsals now and things are beginning to sound amazing.

What this means is that we really need vocals and some drums! There’s got to be someone out there who can help out.

What we’re looking for in a drummer is someone who can handle some mixed meter, can play with an overall aggressive style, and can use some double-bass and other metal elements without needing to be a speed demon.

What we’re looking for in a singer can vary a lot, but our ideal candidate would be a female singer along the lines of Paramore or The Birthday Massacre. A high tenor would be great too, and even some screaming/growling would probably be pretty cool. Low bass probably would be tough to work into our overall low-and-mid-heavy mix, but anything is worth trying out.

Contact me if at all interested!