Else Demos Released

December 9th, 2013

All (well, most) of the Else demos I’ve worked on over the last few years have been officially released via Bandcamp. I’ve spent countless hours writing, revising, and recording this material at a pace of about a song a month. All guitars/bass/FX are performed by myself  and recorded at home using my Line6 POD X3 Live.

Listen to the Else demo material »

Recording demos has been a crucial part of the Else process. The demos are a great way for the band to pick out which song to learn next, and they’re excellent to practice to. It’s invaluable for the rest of the band to have a full copy of the song to write parts too outside of rehearsals.

Overall, Nate and I have written and recorded nearly 40 tracks, 17  of which are included in these demos. 8 are going to be on the Else EP, a few were reused for A Life Elided, and some just died a merciful death after being deemed sub-par.

On the note of the the EP, it should be smashing. They’ll be recorded much in the same fashion as the demos but with much more care given to performance and quality. Live drums also help out more than one could possible imagine, and of course vocals tie everything together and make it a song rather than a collection of riffs. It’s going to be swell.