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New Else Song – 2012-04-26

April 29th, 2012

I wrote and recorded a new song for Else this week. It, like most of the other Else tunes, has the clever name of the date it originated. I’m really hitting my stride with the Else songwriting technique, and I really hope we find the rest of the bandmates soon. Listen to the new song at »

Else Website is Live

April 16th, 2011

The website for Else is now up. We created the simple site to start drumming up some interest and to make finding new talent a bit simpler. The playlist shows the songs we’ve kept from the original 40 or so tracks. Take a listen at ยป


August 15th, 2010

I founded Else in 2010 with the guitarist from Effigy and A Life Elided. We wrote and recorded nearly 40 tracks, eventually honing in on a really exciting style which combines ambient post-rock sounds, aggressive metal riffs, electronic influences, and extended chords. We are currently looking for more band members to complete the line up.